A new flower farm is taking root in Acadia, Maine.

We’re just getting started, and we’ve got big plans. We’re excited to grow and share some of the most exquisite blooms you’re likely to see. We will be specializing in the elegant, the uncommon, and the delicate. We’re fond of heirloom rarities, unusual or quirky varieties, striking colors, varied textures, and extraordinary fragrance. We aim to capture these fleeting qualities that can only be experienced with locally grown flowers.

Pure, authentic, and real.

We’re located in Lamoine, Maine, on a few small acres of fields and woods facing south to the mountains of Acadia National Park. We happily share the land with an extraordinary variety of wildlife, from migrant songbirds, eagles, and owls to spring peepers, grass snakes, hare, fox, and deer.

This land humbles us. We feel deeply grateful to be a part of it, and we intend to take good care of it. Environmental concerns are at the heart of everything we do. For these reasons, we’re committed to sustainable growing practices, using organic farming methods wherever possible.

We’re inspired by the cycles of nature: the growth and the bloom, the decay and the inevitable rebirth; the interdependence of ecosystems; and nature’s resilience, despite our own all-too-frequent assaults. She is much more complex than we know, and she still holds many secrets.

A little about us and how we got here.

We fell in love with this old farm in the summer of 2004 while visiting from San Francisco. My boyfriend and I were literally lost when we found it, having taken a wrong turn down a country road. We loved the open fields, the fruit trees, the wildlife, the barn, and the quirky old farmhouse, and, maybe a little recklessly, we took a chance and bought it. We celebrated our wedding here, underneath two old maples, the following year.

Unfortunately, our lives at the time were still in California. I had a demanding design career in Silicon Valley, but I was growing tired of pushing pixels, the endless meetings, the commute, the stresses and compromises of office life, and the noise and grit of the City.

We may be newbies, but we’re seriously committed to  this new chapter in our lives.

When my father passed away, I did some serious soul-searching, and decided to finally leave my job. We returned to the East Coast. Last season—our first full summer on the farm—we grew glorious armloads of flowers and herbs. I was stunned at what this farm could grow, and I was hooked.

This season we’re expanding our fields for intensive flower production. We’re excited (and a bit nervous) to be taking this next step. But we can’t wait to share the beauty and the bounty of this land with others.

xo — Lee and Phillip

Exciting things are growing here. Be a part of it.

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